eProcure Solutions

e Procure solutions is a software designed to be the transparent procurement which is the back bone of your pharma operations, Every module, every user interface and every functionality of the software has been meticulously designed to bring out the best of your pharmacy operations.

The software is not about saving cost or replacing human resources or about exercising control,…..it is an absolute solution for flawless operations of your Pharma Procurement division. The magnitude of the operations and the nature of business exposes the pharma sector to very high levels of human error thereby exposing the organization to operational risks, the advent of industry growth also leads to staff turnover and managing new employees which increase the loads on the experienced employees setting in a never ending cycle of hire, train, grow, relieve, hire, train….. the organization’s operations are doubled with new vendors, sustaining the old vendors, new products, phasing out old products…..this is one more critical never ending cycle…. That keeps happening within the pharma operations.

e-procure provide a solution that helps the organization to establish and operate the business within a bandwidth immaterial of the changes that are an inherent part of this industry.

The true experience and expertise of the promoters is truly reflected in every aspect of the software from the flexibility in owning the software to stock and vendor management modules the perfection achieved in integration is far higher than what can be comprehended.

Call us now and we could establish a business relationship with your organization that will be so long term that we will become a (critical) part of your organization forever.