Pharma Consultancy Services

The pharmacy operations of the healthcare industry play a key role in the overall healthcare experience of the end customer. The logistics and management expertise required for the pharmacy is far higher than what is perceived from the small dispensing window.

When the Pharma operations are integrated into the operations of a large hospital the logistics expertise required is far higher as the demands of the internal customers far outweighs the demands of the end customers. Being a critical life saving industry, the pharma operations need to be perfect …..all the time.

MOKKSHA with over 4 decades of collective experience now offers custom designed consultancy solutions exclusively for the Pharma Industry,

From fine tuning the purchase process to forecasting the future needs of your establishment you could trust MOKKSHA to provide the personalized and professional solution that you have always been searching for.

Perfect first step is one of the important components of the key to success. From identified your space, designing the layout, HR to internal motion study we give you a comprehensive store opening package which will enable you to focus on the next most important factor for success that is marketing.

The skill sets needed to manage a chain pharmacy is far different from managing a standalone pharmacy. One of the main benefits being savings in operational cost and improved profitability due to centralized management, We are experts in designing operational systems that will help you to get the best of a multi outlet management.

We offer complete auditing services from stocks, warehousing to cash flow from micro management to macro level MIS reporting we help you to unlock areas within your organization which can help you to improve your operational efficiencies multiple times.

For pharma departments operating within a integrated healthcare infrastructure (Hospital) internal and external customer satisfaction is a combination of service, precision, timing and perfection, seamlessly integrating these 4 factors into a holistic operational system enables the establishment to grow rapidly and in the right manner, We have had real time and hands on experience in not just designing processes but in establishing, monitoring and fine tuning large scale operations.